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With over 30 years of experience, Talon is dedicated to supporting Indigenous interests across Canada by fostering strong partnerships for community and economic benefits. Whether you need access to or support from a First Nation community, Talon can facilitate collaborative initiatives.

Advancing Together

At Talon, we deeply value the relationships we build with Indigenous communities across Canada, recognizing and respecting their Indigenous and treaty rights. For over 30 years, our commitment has been to positively engage these communities, appreciating the rich diversity of Indigenous cultures and striving for collaborative opportunities that yield mutual benefits.


Our enduring partnerships are rooted in mutual respect, integrity, and honesty, ensuring reliable service delivery even in the most remote locations. By understanding the importance of strategic partnerships and agreements, we not only contribute to the prosperity of Indigenous communities but also ensure the sustained success of our operations.


Talon's Partnerships Experience


Community Engagement

First Nations community engagement is foundational to Talon, enabling us to access and engage Indigenous communities on your behalf. We manage the entire process, from initial contact to project completion, ensuring respectful and productive collaboration.



Talon is actively involved in numerous specialized drone operations within Indigenous territories and is always looking to expand our services. If you are seeking to initiate or enhance drone activities, our extensive experience ensures we can effectively manage all aspects of project development and execution.

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Exploration Drilling

Talon has facilitated numerous contracts for exploration drilling companies through effective community relationship building within Indigenous territories. If you are looking to secure bids for a contract and need First Nations support, our proven expertise ensures we can successfully meet your needs.


Camps and Logistics

Talon has successfully built relationships with First Nations communities, securing contracts for camps and logistical operations across numerous projects. Our expertise in fostering strong partnerships ensures reliable support for your logistical needs.



Talon is actively involved in numerous projects that prioritize environmental stewardship, partnering with various environmental teams to ensure sustainable outcomes and minimal ecological footprints. We are committed to advancing projects with sustainability at their core.

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