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Our Services

Community Consultation

Talon’s proactive approach to community consultation has paved the way for a decade of successful exploration agreements and closure plans that have propelled us forward in the mining process. By prioritizing community needs and input, we have been able to establish strong, positive relationships with the communities we serve.

Talon’s expertise in communication strategy has been instrumental in helping exploration companies and existing mines develop effective communication plans tailored to their unique needs. Our proven track record of success has enabled us to become a go-to partner for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities.


Develop Agreements

Talon has over 30 years of experience working for, and with First Nations across the Country. Our team brings a First Nations perspective when beginning discussions. Over the years, we have forged numerous successful exploration agreements that have paved the way for new discoveries and exciting opportunities.

  • Facilitated 1st agreement of its kind between Waswanipi First Nation and Bonterra Resources Inc.

  • Facilitated Exploration agreement between Matachewan First Nation and Golden Peak Resources Inc.

  • Facilitated Exploration Agreement between SGX Resources and Mattagami First Nation.

  • And many more.


Drone Services

We specialize in managing projects that demand cutting-edge drone solutions, ensuring your needs are seamlessly met with precision and expertise.

Our services include:

  • Captivating promotional videos

  • High-definition aerial photography

  • Comprehensive aerial photo stitching

  • Drone training 

  • LiDAR and Photogrammetry solutions.

  • GPR


Community Development

At Talon, we've played a pivotal role in advancing First Nations communities, assisting them in securing extra funding for pivotal projects, and educating them on the nuances of exploration versus mining, along with the intricacies of the exploration process. Moreover, we've facilitated a multitude of job opportunities by linking community members directly to exploration projects, further contributing to their development and prosperity.


Resource Development

We focus on identifying opportunities and providing human resource support by recognizing available resources both within First Nations communities and externally. Our approach involves combining these resources and offering educational programs to enhance skills and knowledge, thereby empowering communities and fostering growth.


Mine Site Reclamation

Our seasoned team provides comprehensive cleanup and reclamation services for old abandoned mine sites, including transformer and PCB disposal, tailings, concentrate, and structure removal, all upholding the highest standards of sustainability and excellence for a better environmental future.


Exploration Drilling

Talon is currently working with multiple exploration companies and are always exploring opportunities to involve First Nation owned businesses in the mining industry. Whether it’s through joint ventures, strategic alliances, or other types of partnerships, we believe that by combining our expertise and resources, we can achieve greater success together.

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